Discover the north cliff (Jaffna)-Sri lanka itinerary

For the explorer, the north is Sri Lanka’s final frontier, and offers an opportunity to explore a region emerging from over twenty years of isolation and civil war.
Foremost of the attractions is the fascinating town of Jaffna, with its absorbing mixture of colonial charm and vibrant Tamil culture, while the Jaffna Peninsula and surrounding islands offer a string of remote temples, Hindu and Buddhist alike, beaches and more off-beat attractions.


Day 1-3

Day 1                                        Colombo

Reach to Colombo. Recover from the jet lag with a stroll around the Colombo city, Chill out at the Galle Face Green or water’s edge, Bird watching at Palawaththa Lake.

Day       2 -3                 Anuradhapura

 Anuradhapura is acclaimed as the greatest monastic city of the ancient world and has served as the royal capital of 113 kings. In 1073,  Explorers re-discovered the crumbling ruins in the 19th Century and an effort to restore and re-build this city has since begun. It is an important historical and archaeological site.


Day 4-7

Day           4-5-6-7              Jaffna

Below are Top 10 must visit places in Jaffna,

1)                                           Jaffna Library

It is one of the monumental buildings in Jaffna and very close to the town.

2)                                         Jaffna Fort

  the ancient fort in Jaffna is the second largest existing fort in the Island. Originally built by the Portuguese in 1619 and re-built and expanded by the Dutch during the second half of the 17th and the 18th centuries to facilitate trading activities of Sri Lanka’s .

3)                                 Nallur Temple

 The original temple said to go back to the times of the Tamil kings was destroyed by the Portuguese in 1620 and stood on the site presently occupied by St. James Church about a quarter mile from the present temple. This temple is a place of the most important religious festival on Jaffna’s Peninsula. It last 26 days and finish on the first day of August’s full moon.

4)                                Sangilean Thoopu

 This arch is found in the land where the earlier Tamil King Sangiliyan’s Palace stood. Now there is an entrance-arch, but this is said to be part of a later Dutch building. 

5)                                      Nainatheevu

There are boat services available and the boat ride is an enjoyable way to visit the island. The Island is a bit far from Jaffna and it will take around 2-3 hours to get there, depending on the availability of the boats.

                                 Naga Pooshani Ambal Kovil

    Original temple was built by a rich foreign trader who received blessing from Goddess Ambal Devi when passing by in the sea,Many parents bring their new-born babies to this temple seeking the blessing of Goddess Meenkashi (wife of Shiva) to whom this temple is now dedicated.

                                      Nagadipa Purana Vihara

 This Temple is one of the three places in Sri Lanka where Lord Buddha has visited so Nagadeepa viharaya is an important destination for Buddhist pilgrims. Purana Vihara were constructed by the two warring Naga kings, Mahodara and his nephew Chulodara, at the site where Lord Buddha during his second visit to Lanka – five years after attaining Enlightenment – intervened and mediated in settling a dispute over the possession of a gem-studded throne; This precious throne which was offered to the Buddha, was returned by him to the Naga Kings and was later enshrined in stupa located next to the temple.

6)                   Kandarodei / Kadurugoda Temple

 There is an ancient Buddhist historical place called ‘Kandarodei’ situated in the midst of Palmyra trees near to Chunnakam and it is 8 Km away from Jaffna Town. There are small dagobas numbering 61 scattered over about 1/2 acre land. Those small structures are constructed with ash-coloured stone. Some dagobas have only the foundation. A Buddha statue, Bodhisaththva statue, a stone scripture and some coins believed to be in the 1st and 2nd centuries were found in this area. They are preserved at Jaffna museum.

7)                                     Casuarina beach

 One of the best beaches in the Jaffna peninsula, the shallow waters and the very gentle waves making it an ideal for safe sea bathing. You can a long way toward the sea in the clear blue water and a great place to visit to have a break during your travels. it is around 15 Km away from Jaffna Town.

8)                                             Charty Beach

 This clean prestige beach is situated in Allaippiddy, which is located some 23 Km North of Jaffna Town.

9)                            Keerimalai/Naguleeswaram Temple

 Keerimalai is renowned for its natural water spring where illnesses and sicknesses are cured miraculously after bathing in it. Only a stone wall separate the pool from the sea but the water is fresh water coming from a spring. There is a Hindu Temple called Naguleeswaram Temple is situated near to the Keerimali pond and is very popular among Hindu’s. The nearest place is Kankeesanthurai and situated northern tip of the Jaffna peninsula around 15 Km away from Jaffna Town.

10)                            Dambakola Patuna

 An ancient port in Sri Lanka, this is where Sangamiththa theraniya landed while bringing the Bo saplings used at Sri Maha Bodiya. There is a temple and a statue of Sangamiththa theraniya.The Tamil name of this place called Mathagal and situated around 20 Km from Jaffna Town.

Day 8-9

Day 8-9               Trincomalee

The city is built on a peninsula which divides the inner and outer harbours. It is one of the main centers of Tamil speaking culture on the island. Historically referred to as ‘Gokanna’ or ‘Gokarna’ it has been a sea port that has played a major role in maritime and international trading history of Sri Lanka.

Day 10-14

 Day 10-11-13                                      Kandy

The Temple of the Tooth Kandy is the famous city of Sinhala history, culture, religion and pageantry. The city is visually rich with its narrow streets lined with old buildings full of character, and crowded with people.  textiles and clothing. The Kandy Lake provides an attractive focal point to the town.

 Day 14  Air port



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