Experience-Sri lanka itinerary

Sri Lanka is filled with romantic landscapes, governed by rising mountains, lush forests, ocean like tanks and gushing waterfalls, that it was considered the lost paradise by many a globe trotters, who fell upon the country. The golden beaches of the country had been praised for their picture postcard views since eternity. The dusk and dawn and many human activities connected to these times of the day creates a vibrant picture along the coasts of Sri Lanka.


Feel Best

Day 1-2


Day 1-2                      Kandy

Kandy is a large city in central Sri Lanka. It’s set on a plateau surrounded by mountains, which are home to tea plantations and bio diverse rain forest. The city’s heart is scenic Kandy Lake (Bogambara Lake), which is popular for strolling. Kandy is famed for sacred Buddhist sites, including the Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) shrine, celebrated with the grand Esala Perahera annual procession.


Day 3-4

Day 3-4                       Ella

Ella is a mountain town in the Central Highland of Sri Lanka, about 1000 meters above sea level. The train ride from Kandy to Ella is one of the most memorable in the world and it’s definitely the best way to get there. Although it is not a big place, there is plenty to do in Ella, from hiking trails to waterfalls or lounging at the cafes.


Day 5

Day -5                       Yala

Yala National Park is a huge area of forest, It’s home to Panthera pardus kotiya, a majestic leopard endemic to Sri Lanka. grassland and lagoons bordering the Indian Ocean, in southeast Sri Lanka. It’s home to wildlife such as leopards, elephants and crocodiles, as well as hundreds of bird species. Inland,

Day 6-10

Day 6-10                         Galle

Galle Beach   –  Unawatuna

The Galle fort is a world heritage site and is the largest remaining fortress in Asia built by European occupiers.

Unawatuna Beach is a picturesque semi-circular bay beach that stretches no more than kilometre. As the numerous other fine beaches in the south western and southern coast line of Sri Lanka, this beach is one of the best place for sea foods,

The wrecks of sunken ships make the  unawatuna beach popular among scuba divers too. The wreck of “Rangoon”- the British steamer sunken 100 years ago, can be found lying upright with its masts intact. Within the same area is the “Tango” which also attracts many divers. The other location, a wreck of a cargo ship called “Lord Nelson” is about ten years old.

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