“Water filter Donations”

Dear Sir – Madam

As you may already know that a considerable number people suffer from various diseases as a result of having no access to pure drinking water. As the dwellers living on this planet earth in the present time, we are pleased to take the initiative to aid this program from Sri Lanka to help, those who are in need of drinking water and to help preclude any innocent life having to live another day, without drinking water.     (if we live 80 years we live 29200 days)

You will realize it when you hold our hands to proceed with this priceless humanitarian work for the needy.

During your visit, you can meet persons suffering from a kidney ailment or a person who has lost his or her kidney due to severe scarcity of drinking water. If you feel for their suffering and for what they are going through, you can help them through our project by making a contribution which will help us donate water filters to make their lives better. You can make your inquiries about this noble cause through our website or if you wish to speak with an actual person to make your contribution more effective and safe,

That simple act , ,kindness to humanity will bear fruits of merit for a life time ,that you have give a life to a person in this life time.

If you like to donate water filter or Books to the children (or even a pencil ) just contact us please

mail@ashramsrilanka.org       /          info@srilankaitinerary.org



This is the water filter we donate

Water filter donors and receivers



Mr and Mrs Bryan donated 2 water filters to Help the Helper




Mr Gregory Quartarollo from French Guiana Donated 2 water filers to Help the Helper









                      English leaning center for the village kids

Ashram Sri Lanka offer  after-school  English language course for the  children in the village



















                          “Help the Helper” donated Gifts to the village people for there Traditional new year 2019